Canadian Bernedoodles - Truffles

Mini/Moyen Bernedoodle Puppies!
We are excited to announce that Truffles and Macho’s litter of mini/moyen Bernedoodles are here and ready to go to their new homes now!
Birthdate: April 5th
Estimated adult size is 19″-21″ tall and 30-60lbs.

1. Rose Ribbon - Tri-colour female

2. Red Ribbon - Tri-colour parti female

3. Silver Ribbon - Tri-colour parti female

4. Green Ribbon - Tri-colour parti male


Truffles is our own F2 mini “Teddy Bear Bernedoodle”
She is intelligent and fun, is amazing with recall and picks up new tricks quickly.
Some of her favorite things to do is play in the water and tug of war. 
She is alert and a friend to everyone.  Truffles has been so much fun to train and has fun with us with whatever we are doing, whether out for a trek or relaxing at home.

The Dad