Canadian Bernedoodles - Truffles

Mini Bernedoodles!
We are excited to announce that Truffles and Giuseppe’s litter of F2b mini Bernedoodles has arrived!
These two puppies have joined our puppy training program! 
They are night time crate trained and are well on their way to being potty trained. 
These puppies are doing well with walking on leash and sitting on command. 
They are great doing off leash walks on safe forest trails.
•Name: Bear
•Gender: Male
•Puppy price: $4,300
•Temperament: Sweet, playful, interactive, fun loving, cuddly, intelligent, mischievous. 
•Estimated adult size: 50-55lbs and 20-22″ tall
•Coat: Hypoallergenic and low-non shedding. Wavy.
Bear has joined our puppy training classes. He is:
•Night time crate trained
•Potty trained
•Leash trained
•Sits on command
•Is good with recall
Bear loves to cuddle and explore. He is intelligent and learns quickly. This boy has been trained to keep his crate and play area clean and dry and is very good with recall. Bear is polite and sits patiently for his food and has learned to walk on leash. He is now learning how to play fetch. Bear is very attentive to his humans and is happy to be doing whatever the family is enjoying at the moment. 
Truffles is our own F2 mini “Teddy Bear Bernedoodle” daughter of our Shabby Chic and Macho.
She is intelligent and fun, is amazing with recall and picks up new tricks quickly.
Some of her favorite things to do is play in the water and tug of war. 
She is alert and a friend to everyone.  Truffles has been so much fun to train and has fun with us with whatever we are doing, whether out for a trek or relaxing at home.
The Dad: