Meet Our Team:

Hi!  We are the Neufeld Family. 

Our family loves to farm. 

One of the things we like best is to see things grow, whether it’s flowers, trees, garlic, vegetables, lambs, chicks, calves, goslings or puppies!  

Our dogs are a special part of our farm, including keeping wild animals at bay and greeting newcomers or just watching the world go by and looking gorgeous. 

We believe dogs are a natural part of a farm and it would be incomplete if we did not have them.  

We have had dogs for thirty years and have been breeding dogs for nineteen years.

We love dogs and would be pleased to help you find a loving companion for your own home. 

Bernedoodles for sale, Sorrento,BC.,  Tri-colour, Black and White, Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale.