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Bernedoodle Info:  

     The Bernedoodle is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog, sometimes called the "Berner" and the Poodle.  The hybrid cross between these two well known breeds produces an amazing family dog with a moderate activity level.  The Bernedoodle is endowed with gorgeous looks and a wonderful carefree temperament!  

They bestow a remarkable attachment to family with a special affection for children; are good with other pets and confident in new situations if well socialized and consistently trained at an early age.  

This breed's adorable personality is loyal, smart and sensitive with a touch of comic!  

A Bernedoodle wants to become your very best friend with a desire to please and to stand by your side.

The Bernedoodle coat is a combination of the thick Berner coat and the hypo-allergenic Poodle coat resulting in lower shedding, typically allergy friendly, coat ranging from  wavy to curly.  "More curls - less shedding" is a rule of  thumb which can be applied.  

Regular brushing will keep your Bernadoodle matt free 

and a visit to the groomer will be necessary 

approximately three to four times a year.  

    Our Bernedoodles are the standard size perfect for those people who are so in love with large breed dogs!  Shoulder height may vary from 23" to 25" and weight will range from approximately 60 to 90 pounds.  

Our Bernedoodle puppies will be uniquely marked with splashes of white and combinations of bi-colour 

or beautiful tri-colour. 

 Meet our Bernedoodle upcoming litters or puppies for sale by going to our Available Puppies page. 

*Note: If you have an allergy to dog saliva resulting in hives you will most likely be allergic to the Bernedoodle even if the coat is allergy friendly.

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