Bernedoodles in Touch

We adopted one of their puppies from their Nov 6th litter who we named Ember.
She is 5.5 months now and currently about 24lbs. She is pretty mellow, confident, so smart and easy to train!
She doesn’t shed at all and her hair remains soft, wavy and easy to care for.
She loves her family, always sticks close to us and makes us laugh with her funny antics.
We’ve had many dogs but the Bernedoodle breed is now our absolute favorite.
We are so happy with our decision to adopt from you and will recommend you to any of our friends considering this breed!
Bayla is one year old! She shared her pupcakes and celebrated with her friends at the dog park! Best day ever!
She is a perfect dog! She is very intelligent and loves to cuddle. She makes friends everywhere she goes with people and dogs, young or old, big or small.
If a dog is scared, she lays down and patiently waits. That’s something that came natural to her.
Thanks for giving us such a lovely dog!”
(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2021)
Just wanted to let you know that Billie is doing really well and is so amazing.
We love her dearly! We live by the water and she loves it!!
Everyone finds her so gorgeous. You can’t imagine the number of people who are asking where she is from!!
She is not at all an overly agitated dog. Very alert, curious and playful. You were so right about her temperament.
(Kekuli & Giuseppe F2b Bernedoodle 2021)
Teddy turned one year old yesterday.
And we thought to send you some photos of his celebration and how he grew up we love him so much and he’s been such a great addition to our family.
(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2021) (Unfurnished coat)
Just wanted to send a little 6 month update on Fergus!
Gus loves to spend time with his family, lounging in the evenings, to hiking mountains, to hanging out on the sea!
His loves picking out his own sticks and is just happy to carry them around. 
Not too keen on the bringing it to us part yet…  He is very good at “Stay” and “Come Here” though!
6 months and weighing in at 39.7 pounds!  
We just love our happy and chill little buddy!
Hope you’re doing well!
Sydney, Brad, and Gus
(Clair & Giuseppe F1 medium Bernedoodle 2021)

I just wanted to reach out to you to say how happy we are with our beautiful girl Sage. 

She has the most loving personality and we all love her so much. 

She is doing really well with routine, adapting well with my house, kids and cats and also spending time at my boyfriends with his kids and cats. 

We don’t get very far on our walks without constantly being stopped by people asking what kind of dog she is and how beautiful she is!  We couldn’t be happier with our new family member. “

(Clair & Giuseppe F1 medium Bernedoodle 2021)
Fino is doing great 🙂 he’s such a happy boy and loved by many!
 His favourite game is fetch and he loves to play it on the beach – he always brings it back too haha!!
He is pretty great love him to bits and we go on so many adventures.
(Georgie & Rafiki F1 standard Bernedoodle 2021)

I thought I’d give you an update on our puppy Ember. She was from Macho and Jalisca’s litter of 11, born November 6, 2021.

She’s an absolute delight of a dog, easy going and very laid back. She topped out at 44lbs is about 18 inches to her shoulder. She has soft wavy hair that doesn’t mat, she did fade from her bright red but we still love her colour and we get compliments on it regularly. 
She happily hikes with us and stays close by, loves her basket of toys and makes friends with any dog, big or small. She is quiet indoors yet always game for an adventure out of the house.
Hope all is well and all your dogs are happy and healthy!