2018 Bernedoodles in Touch

Sherlock is very laid-back (we initially picked him out as he was a little nonchalant and we liked his demeanour). 
Every time we come home he is waiting by the door and beside himself with excitement, but within 5 minutes he’s back to snoozing at our feet.
 He loves smelling flowers, and he invariably sneezes each time!
 We lose count of the amount of times people tell us what a gorgeous dog we have when we are out and about, and they always want to know what breed he is.
Thank you!
We adopted Pippa this spring and immediately we knew we had a special dog on our hands!
She fit in right away with our family, and is very tolerant of our active and boisterous 5 year old son, our cat, and everything else that goes along with being part of a busy family.
 Pippa is up for any outdoor adventure, or just as happy to chill out and cuddle in the house, if that’s what her family is doing. 
She has joined us in all our Yukon adventures on our sailboat, river boat, stand-up paddle board, and kayak.
She loves to play with her soccer ball and to swim and doesn’t seem to mind how cold the water is!
 She loves to burrow and roll around in the snow, and will be joining us soon for some skijoring, once conditions and her age allow.
Everyone who meets Pippa remarks at what a sweetheart she is! She is smart with a goofy side, and loves to soak up as much attention as we can give her.
  What we also really like is that she doesn’t shed much at all so far, and yet her fur is thick enough to tolerate the cold of the Yukon.
 I don’t think we could have found a better match for our family, location, and lifestyle.
Dealing with Canadian Bernedoodles has been a very good experience, too.
I had many,many questions when we were considering adopting one of their puppies, and they responded quickly, with honesty, knowledge, and humour.
They made shipping our pup via air easy, and overall, I would definitely recommend doing business with them.
Kind regards, Melissa
Teddy is a very big boy now at 11 months. As big as he is he thinks he’s a lap dog but he’s my buddy so that’s okay with me. He loves his off leash walks and is super friendly to other dogs and people.
He’s an active lovable pup!
Pepper is truly a joy and makes us laugh every day. He has a lovely disposition and apart from the annoying puppy pranks that he inflicts on Dually, we all get along extremely well. He fits right in with our family.
Suzie is a sweet girl who loves being outside in summer, but especially in winter. She adjusted well to our family very quickly and Sarah was very helpful throughout the process.
She is a sweet tempered girl who loves nothing better than to be with us either at home or outside.
 She loves to swim, hike with us, and snowshoe in winter. A true family pet who loves us all. Thank you for Suzie!
Winnie has brought so much joy and happiness into our family! She is a gentle and happy dog and loves everybody. 
She has her goofy moments but, for the most part, she is very obedient and always wanting to please us. She is smart and learns new commands and tricks quickly. 
We live by the ocean, so Winnie has become very fond of swimming …. even on cold, rainy days! 
Winnie also loves to run on the beach and chase the birds. She could run for hours if we let her. 
Winnie has a very cuddly look about her… we usually can’t go anywhere without someone stopping us and asking if they can cuddle her or telling us she looks like a teddy bear.
 Winnie is an amazing dog. We simply can’t imagine not having Winnie in our lives.
Fionn is a wonderful addition to our pet family of 4 cats. He’s certainly added a new and unexpected dimension to their lives as well. 
Fionn is a very sweet boy. He quickly learns new tricks. He loves to snuggle but doesn’t realize how big he is.
 He didn’t mind the plane ride to Ontario and was almost fully house trained when he arrived. 
You did a great job!
"She is such a lovely girl. Just the best natured dog there could ever be. So smart and gentle."  
(Snoopy - Mia and Prince litter 2018)
Harley is sweet, loving, adorable, funny little boy whom is adored by all and he loves everyone too. 
He loves going for walks, rides, playing frisbee, playing in his kiddie pool and also having playdates with his cousins "Dozer" (Boston Terrier) and " Molly" (Lab). 
Harley is very good at letting us know when he needs outside. We take Harley everywhere we go except the grocery store. 
He was last weighed on Nov 23 and he was 65lbs. (Harley-Chai & Prince litter 2018)
"She is a soulful and life-giving living treasure to us." (Mathilda- Mia & Prince litter 2018 )