2017 Bernedoodles in Touch

Louis is doing great! We are so glad we have him. He makes us smile every day. 

He was housebroken within the first 2 weeks and rings a string of bells with his paw or nose whenever he wants to go outside.  

Here are some pictures of Louis. He is growing so fast. He loves to be outside around my plants.  

Firstborn Mia Puppy 2017 !!

Lucy is enjoying Chrsitmas !! (Chai 2017 Puppy)

Koda may of started off small but she is now 22.5lbs and growing rapidly. 

When she’s not posing for pic’s she loves playing soccer just like her mom. Her favourite treat is frozen blueberries.  

Koda has the ideal temperament smart and chill.  (Chai 2017 Puppy) 

Maggie has been such a good little puppy. Everywhere we go people are raving about how cute she is!  
She bonded with us all instantly and especially loves our two kids. We are convincing her to nibble on bones rather than people as her puppy teeth are wanting to chew on everything right now. 
She is incredibly smart and training has been going very well so far. 
We are so happy to have Maggie as our newest family member! (Chai 2017 Puppy)
Bear is  easygoing , loveable and smart . 
We take him everywhere and he’s fantastic! 
We love our  Bernedoodle ! 
Thank you! Heather and Family  (Mia’s 2017 Puppy) 

Zurich learned how to shake a paw the week he came home! Now if he could only realize that 

he is a bit more than a lap dog! (Chai 2017 Puppy)

Nala has been a great addition to our family! She loves playing with other dogs at the park and does well on long walks.
 One of our favourite places in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Nala has done well with training so far. 
She recently graduated from puppy school. She can sit, lay down, come (usually), and is getting pretty good at walking on leash without pulling….as long as there’s no birds around!
 When she’s not being active, she can be found flopped down sleeping by our feet and of course she LOVES her belly rubs! 
(Chai Puppy 2017) 
Hank on a boat ride!!  (Mia 2017 Puppy)
Willow gets her third set of shots next week and then we start puppy classes! She’s been fairly easy to train, but we keep working.  
Our vet is in love with her! He is so impressed by her personality and demeanour. And the fact that she is so pretty!! 
Keep in touch!  Vanessa  
(Mia 2017 Puppy) 

Harold has been a wonderful addition to our family! He’s taken so well to training, often surprising us with how easily he picks up new skills.

 Our young daughters adore him and, thankfully, he is a patient and gentle playmate. 

People are quick to notice him when we’re out and comment on his docile demeanor. 

We look forward to getting to know him more as he grows into his sweet personality over the years to come. Thank you, Neufelds!  

(Chai 2017 Puppy) 

This puppy’s name is Madden!!    

“He’s amazing and we’re so lucky. He has brought so much happiness in our family.” 
Best Regards, Kim 

(Mia 2017 Puppy)

Have to say, Bella has been an amazing addition to our family!  We are all obsessed with her, her antics, and her very “verbal” personality! 

Aside from sneaking my shoes to teethe on, and “wrestling” with Gracie, her favorite thing is giving loves!  

When we pick her up (which is getting more & more difficult, as she’s growing like a weed), she puts a paw on each shoulder, snuggles her head into our necks, then licks our faces clean!   You can tell she’s very comfortable here, as she’s most recently starting splashing around in the pond with the Stellars Jays.  Makes for one soggy doggy!  J J J  

Everyone who’s met her, can’t stop talking about her beautiful coloring, and sweet disposition.  

We feel very blessed she’s a part of our family!   Lastly, we have given Canadian Bernedoodles name out to a number of our friends who are looking to expand their furry families.  So be prepared…..your next litters could be spoken for, before they even arrive!  J J J 

Thanks for sharing your beautiful breed with us! 

 Kevin, Kathy, Hayley, Gracie & Bella

 (Chai 2017 Puppy)

We love Rosetta (Rosie) so much! She has grown a lot, about 18 pounds now, she is housetrained and spends the night in her crate.
 It’s challenging to get her to stop nipping at our hands and shoes, but she is really smart. 
She can sit, lay down, shake and paw and will stay for short periods. She’s getting accustomed to new people and other dogs.
 My sister has a yellow lab puppy who is three weeks younger. They love playing together.
 We are so happy that Rosie is part of our family. 
(Chai 2017 Puppy)

We are loving having Stanley as part of our family, and he makes us smile all day.

 He is good natured, smart, and loves to cuddle with the kids and adults. 

We constantly get stopped by people on the street asking about him. We joke that he is a celebrity. 

He has adapted well to several different environments over the summer as we bring his crate with us where we go and he sleeps well.

 Last week at the Harmony Arts festival we ran into his brother Beau! So was fun to see the siblings together even for only a few minutes. 
Thanks again and a great idea to have the Bernedoodles in touch page on your website. 

Cheers Julie & Brent  

(Mia 2017 Puppy)

Here is a photo of Freddy on our morning walk today. 
Chris and I are loving him and we’re all adjusting well to our new family pack.  
Freddy is fun, goofy, strong willed, smart and a little lover.  
He loves to follow me wherever I go. He’s been great with other dogs, people, and kids. 
This past weekend he had his first swim in the ocean and was confidently standing up front of the paddle board with his dad. 
He also ended up in the same puppy classes as his sister!  Thank you for such a little gem, I look forward to seeing some pictures of his siblings.
 All the best, Jes and Chris  
(Chai 2017 Puppy) 
This puppy’s name is Beau!! (Mia 2017 Puppy)
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This is Barley!
“Watson has been a great addition to our family. We have absolutely loved having him. You did a fabulous job exposing him to different sounds and things.”
Thanks! Madison