Canadian Bernedoodles Jalisca

 Bernedoodle puppies!
We are excited to announce that Jalisca and Macho’s litter of mini/medium F2 Bernedoodles has arrived! 

Birthdate: May 18

Estimated adult size is 18″-23″ tall and 40-70lbs

"Murphy" Gold Ribbon - Apricot Tuxedo Male

Jalisca is our sweet and happy girl.

The daughter of our lovely CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog, Chai Tea Latte (aka Chai) and Aspen Ridge Labredoodles intelligent CKC registered Poodle, Wagging Heart Henricwilloughby (aka Prince).

Jalisca loves to explore and is a wonderful hiking companion. She likes to stick right by our side while hiking just in case there might be some petting coming her way.

Macho is a happy goofy
He loves to play fetch, splash in the kiddie pool, and play with his toys.

He loves taking a toy from the basket and playing with it for a while and then he will go get another and then another until the basket is empty and the toys are spread all over the room. He will look into the basket with a sad expression and then at the toys on the floor like they aren’t any fun out there.

So I put them back in the basket and he is ready to start his game all over again.
I guess I should teach him to put teem back in himself. 🙂
He loves treats and attention and cant wait to great new people.
He is soft lovable and funny and keeps us laughing.