Bernedoodles in Touch

Odie is one year and is very curious, energetic, and goofy.
He gets along with everyone he meets and loves play time and snuggles.
Odie is independent but loves having eyes on his family.
He is around 75 lbs and we love him to pieces, he brings so much joy into our lives.

 Katie & Evan.(Georgie & Prince F1 standard 2020)
I just thought I’d send an update on Willow since she just turned one last week! 
She is such a sweet girl and has fit into our family so well.
She’s kind and sweet to our old pup and she is playful and as cute as can be.

(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2020)

Winston is the most beautiful soul, he is goofy, smart and so easy going, he gets along so well with every dog he meets, loves to play and fetch. +

He is very food driven which has been great for training, he will do anything for treats.

He loves to be around his people and loves to cuddle. I am not sure if we lucked out but he isn’t a chewer, he steals socks but just to play with them.
He has definitely stolen our hearts, we love him so much!
He is 6 months now and about 45lbs so far.”
(Clair & Giuseppe F1 moyen Bernedoodle 2020)

Hope you are all doing well. Both dogs are great and get along so well.
We couldn’t be happier with Lilac. She is so much fun and also so so sweet, she just loves love and affection.
Both dogs are so much fun, we recommend the breed and Canadian Bernedoodles at any chance !
(Mia & Prince F1 standard Bernedoodle 2020)

“Archie makes us happy everyday, he’s really smart and always listens to us. He’s
a people lover and always really playful. He understands new commands quickly and has a really good memory.

Archie is a very happy dog and he really loves belly rubs. Whenever we’re about to pet him, he immediately flips over on his back, just so we’d give him belly rubs.

When we first got him, he was really excited to see us and wasn’t shy at all. Archie wasn’t scared of us and was constantly trying to play with us.

Initially, he only weighed 7kg, but in just 4 months, he grew so much that he now weighs 21kg!

At first, he had trouble getting used to his crate, simply because he always wanted to be with us and whenever he wasn’t in his crate, he would follow us around.

Archie loves eating everything. We’ve yet to find anything he doesn’t like eating, and he’s always excited to try new things.

We’re very happy with Archie and we couldn’t imagine life without him anymore.”
(Clair & Giuseppe F1 moyen Bernedoodle 2020)

“Poppy is very high energy and loves being around people (more then dogs even). 
Her favourite activities are long hikes in the forest, meeting new people, playing with our two boys (2 and 4) and getting her tummy rubbed. 
As excitable as she is, she is so great with the boys and I NEVER have to worry about her around them. 
She has the loveliest temperament and wouldn’t hurt anyone. She is very smart and was easy to train. 
We are so happy with her, she is the perfect addition to our family and look forward to celebrating her birthday on the 28th! 🙂

Thanks again!”
(Clair & Giuseppe F1 medium Bernedoodle 2020)
I wanted to send you some photos of what a beautiful dog our puppy has grown into. 
He is also intelligent, loving, playful, and socializes perfectly with other dogs.
 We just love him! I’m curious to see what his siblings look like! 
(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle puppy)
(Unfurnished coat)
20210331_215055 06-10-2021
IMG-20210529-WA0008 06-10-2021
Belle is delightful. She’s so full of energy and love  and she brings us so much joy! 
She is 19 inches tall and weighs 10kilos. 
See pics: she is adorable! 
Thank you! Take care,
(Kekuli & Giuseppe F2b Bernedoodle 2020)
Mildred is an absolute dream. She’s friendly and playful, and very confident. 
Teddy doesn’t know what to make of her, yet, but everyone else is madly in love. Dream dog.
Little Mildred is growing up! She loves the boat!
(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2020)
Bernie is such a sweet boy and we love him so much! 
 He’s so friendly and goofy and everyone who meets him loves him! 
He loves the snow, hikes, water (but still doesn’t swim), wrestling, and playing. 
We’ve met two of his litter mates (Monty and Bosley shown above) and many cousins from other litters! 
Everyone had nothing but good things to say.
Hope you are well.
Julia, Allan, and Bernie 
(Bernie is 24″ tall and 58.5lbs at 10 months)
(Clair and Giuseppe F1 moyen puppy 2021)
Karl is so smart and loyal. We have never had a dog like him. He is truly intelligent, obedient, has the most bright goofy personality. 
He is almost completely off leash on our walks now. He knows how to close the front door after he is let out to “go quick” haha
He can get quite excited when it’s time to play, but settles down immediately when play time is over. Pretty remarkable.

He makes us all laugh and smile every day. I am so glad we found you and Karl. 
And you were right, he has a dominant personality, but we like it as he seems to want to protect the kids and myself.. but not in an aggressive way. Just in an authoritative way.  He’s just such a loving perfect  guy!  
His height at the shoulders is 26 inches and he’s weighing in around 85 lbs right now
(Mia & Prince F1 standard Bernedoodle 2020 puppy)
ruby-nov262020 (2)
ruby-nov262020 (3)
ruby-nov262020 (1)
“Hope you and your family are well. Ruby is loving the west coast and all of our outdoor adventures. She’s got a wonderful disposition and is such a great addition to our family”
(Clair & Giuseppe F1 moyen Bernedoodle)
Hi Sarah! Hope you are doing well! Thought I’d send you a few pics of Sully.
He’s got his first grooming next month! Hard to see his eyes at this point.
 He is such a great puppy, everyone loves him and he loves to meet new ppl and dogs. We couldn’t ask for a better companion!
(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2020)
We absolutely LOVE Ryker!!!  
Of course he’s just beyond 6 months of age but it feels as though he’s been with us for so much longer. 
He has truly touched our hearts in so many ways as well as the hearts of our family and friends. 
He is incredibly handsome, very smart, so gentle and friendly (with people and pets) as well as possessing a darling goofy side! 
 We could not have hoped for a more wonderful addition to our family.  
Chuck has spent time learning about and actively grooming Ryker to keep him “looking his best” and “tangle-free”.  
We’ve had him personally clipped once and will be doing so again in two weeks as he seems to run on the “hot side” with his gorgeous waves. 
He’s become a very good boy during his grooming sessions. 
Ryker is also amazing with our two year old granddaughter, who doesn’t have ANY hesitation interacting with Ryker OR putting him in his place when need be.  It is very darling to witness.  
I think that I may have mentioned, Chuck and I had taken considerable time thinking and talking about bringing a new dog into our lives. 
It had been many years since we had to say goodbye to our previous dog which was certainly emotional. 
We researched breeds and breeders and are so thrilled that we discovered you and your pups.  
You have shared a beautiful JOY with us and we look forward to many years of fun and happiness ahead.  
We truly can’t thank you enough.
Donna and Chuck
(Mia & Prince F1 standard puppy 2020)
“We get so many laughs with her. She is one very loved dog. Bean hikes every day and loves it!”
(Mia & Prince F1 Puppy 2020)