Canadian Bernedoodles Georgie

We are excited to announce Georgie’s planned purebred Bernese Mountain Dog Litter.
Planned for fall 2023. Stud to be determined.

Sweet Georgia Brown
Aka Georgie, is a gorgeous purebred CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog.
She has a perfect Bernese structure, beautiful markings and level of energy.
She is from champion lines and it shows.
Georgie loves to play but is decided when she has had enough excercise.
Lower energy but playful, Georgie is always up for a good wrestle with any of the members of our dog family.
She quickly calms down and has a lovely personality.

Georgie will take her time in warming up to new people but when she does you will have a lifelong friend.

She has passed her health testing with flying colours and we are excited to help families enjoy her puppies.