each puppy as unique as a fingerprint!

One of the first questions our puppy owners ask is, 

"What do I need to prepare for bringing puppy home?" 

Here are the products we use & recommend that will start your puppy out right! 

Your puppy is started out on Acana - Duck and Pear

In the world we live in pet health can be challenged with enviroments and foods just like people.  

It is important to protect your pet's health with a good daily supplement. 

We recommend NuVet Plus a full spectrum immune system builder.  Its filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins,  minerals and more designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pets immune system develop strong in our world today.  NuVet Plus is 100% natural; no sugars, fillers, binders, grains or artificial flavors.  This gives it superior bio-availability allowing the ingredients to be more efficiently absorbed through the cell wall.  Healthy cells = healthy pets!  Phone to order from Canada.        

Puppy Kennel:                                                                                                                                             

Found at Walmart or most pet stores.                                

We suggest the medium size if you will be                        

weaning puppy off the kennel early on.

Medium size - 24" high x 18" wide x 21" deep 

We suggest the large size with a divider to use

as puppy grows if you wish to give puppy the "den feeling."

Large size - 36" high x 24" wide x 27" deep.  

Chew Toys for your puppies teething process:


Fun & Games: 


These Chuckit balls last longer than regular tennis balls :) 


Any "Stuffy" ~make sure no granular objects are inside.

Some other things you may need depending on your home & lifestyle:



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