each puppy as unique as a fingerprint!

We are excited to announce that Kekuli and Giuseppe's litter of F2b mini Bernedoodles has arrived! 

Size range for this mini litter should be 30-55lbs and shoulder height should be 18-21"

Birthdate: Dec 30
Going home date: Feb 26

1. Pink Collar - Tri-Colour Sable Female

2. Red Collar - Tuxedo Female

3. Yellow Collar - Tri-Colour Sable Female

4. Purple Collar - Tri-Colour Female

5. White Collar - Tri-Colour Parti Female

6. Gold Collar - Tuxedo Female

7. Orange Collar - Tuxedo Female

8. Mint Collar - Tri-colour Sable Female

9. Blue Collar - Tri-colour Male



Kekuli is our own F2 mini "Teddy Bear Bernedoodle" daughter of our Shabby Chic and AR Promise Poodles Macho.

 Kekuli is a typical "Canadian Bernedoodle". 

She has a great goofy character, loves to be with people and dogs and learns very quickly.

 Kekuli enjoys being with us and doing whatever we are doing, outdoor sports, swimming or relaxing.

A few words to try to discribe Kekuli are sweet, calm, playful, goofy, intelligent and just plain cute.

We are excited to add Kekuli to our breeding program and can't wait to provide families with the great puppies we are expecting from her!

Giuseppe is a purebred CKC registered Moyen Poodle. 
Goofy, fun, playful, fast, friendly and obedient are just a few words to describe our Giuseppe.

Giuseppe adds a whole knew spectrum to our family of dogs. 
Everyone loves his goofy, easygoing attitude and he's so fun to watch as he plays with our huge Bernese girls.
Giuseppe thinks he's such a big hunk of a guy.
 He is great at playing fetch, will play a long time and has a lot of endurance but has no problems stopping whenever required of him to settle down and take a break with the rest of the family. 

We love how he calms right down after a play time. 
Giuseppe learns quickly, has a great personality, and we are very happy to add him to our breeding program.