each puppy as unique as a fingerprint!

Puppies have arrived! 
Birth date: October 23/20
Go home date: December 18/20

Wait list:

1. Julia Sydorenko 
2. Bibby Graham
3. Robyn Appleton 
4. Joanna O'Brien
5. Tyler Johnson
6. Chris Dahl 
7. Richard Rowswell
8. Katherine Brand
9. Deborah Noble
10. Stephanie & David Toljanich 
11. Jessica McMurdo
12. Glenn & Cathy Chatten
13. Geoffrey Lewicki

1. Purple Ribbon Tri-colour Female

2. Green Ribbon - Tri-colour Male

3. Orange Ribbon - Tuxedo male

4. Blue Ribbon - Tri-colour male

5. Pink Ribbon - Tri-colour female

6 Multi Ribbon - Tuxedo male

7. Mint Ribbon - Tuxedo male

8. Gold Ribbon - Tri-colour male

9. Sky Blue Ribbon - Tri-colour male

10. Yellow Ribbon - Tuxedo female

11 White Ribbon Tri-colour female

12 Red Ribbon - Tuxedo male

13. Peach Ribbon - Tuxedo female

Sweet Georgia Brown 

Aka Georgie, is a gorgeous purebred CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog.

She has a perfect Bernese structure, beautiful markings and level of energy. 

She is from champion lines and it shows.

Georgie loves to play but is decided when she has had enough excercise.

 Lower energy but playful, Georgie is always up for a good wrestle with any of the members of our dog family. 

She quickly calms down and has a lovely personality. 

Georgie will take her time in warming up to new people but when she does you will have a lifelong friend. 

She has passed her health testing with flying colours and we are excited to help families enjoy her puppies.


Meet our handsome Prince - the perfect gentleman!

Prince is super intelligent, sweet, loyal and kind.

He loves to be nearby, laying at the feet of his buddy as he keeps watch over his family.  

He has an endearing comical side for those he loves, too. 

He passes on his handsome looks,soft coat and imparts calmness to the personalities of his offspring!

Bernese Mountain Dogs for sale, Sorrento,BC.