each puppy as unique as a fingerprint!

We are excited to announce that Clair and Rafiki's litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles has arrived! 

Birthdate: May 9
Going home date: July 4

Estimated adult size is 22"-26" tall and 70-90lbs

Wait list:
1. Sandra-Ken Freeman 
2. Shirel Lerman 
3. Courtney Murdoch 
4. Mark Ashcroft 
5. Kieran Mielke 

1. Blue Collar - Tuxedo Male

2. Green Collar - Tri-colour Male

3. Orange Collar - Tri-colour Male

4. Rose Collar - Tri-colour Female

5. Gold Collar - Tri-colour Male

6. Mint Collar - Tri-colour Male

7. Purple Collar - Tri-colour Female

8. Pink Collar - Tri-colour Female

9. Red Collar - Tri-colour Male


Elegant, athletic and happy are great words to describe our beautiful Clair. She is a lovely purebred CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog from champion lines. Clair has perfect markings and a sturdy figure.

Clair's favourite game is fetch. She loves anything to do with people, and is very playful and willing to please. Clair has a goofy side too and will grab anything, looking to see if someone, or dog, will chase her for it.

Clair has been with us since a puppy and has shown herself to be a happy, friendly, goofy Bernese Mountain dog and is sure to pass these traits on to her offspring.


Rafiki lives up to his name and is a friend to everyone! 

One of his favorite pranks is to annoy all the other dogs by chasing them around. He is goofy, friendly, intelligent. He loves games, 

a good trek in the woods and then relaxing in the house. 

Rafiki's coat is soft, silky and curly.