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Hi Sarah! Hope you are doing well! Thought I'd send you a few pics of Sully.
He's got his first grooming next month! Hard to see his eyes at this point.
 He is such a great puppy, everyone loves him and he loves to meet new ppl and dogs. We couldn't ask for a better companion!

(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2020)


We absolutely LOVE Ryker!!!  
Of course he’s just beyond 6 months of age but it feels as though he’s been with us for so much longer. 
He has truly touched our hearts in so many ways as well as the hearts of our family and friends. 
He is incredibly handsome, very smart, so gentle and friendly (with people and pets) as well as possessing a darling goofy side! 
 We could not have hoped for a more wonderful addition to our family.  
Chuck has spent time learning about and actively grooming Ryker to keep him “looking his best” and “tangle-free”.  
We’ve had him personally clipped once and will be doing so again in two weeks as he seems to run on the “hot side” with his gorgeous waves. 
He’s become a very good boy during his grooming sessions. 
Ryker is also amazing with our two year old granddaughter, who doesn’t have ANY hesitation interacting with Ryker OR putting him in his place when need be.  It is very darling to witness.  

I think that I may have mentioned, Chuck and I had taken considerable time thinking and talking about bringing a new dog into our lives. 
It had been many years since we had to say goodbye to our previous dog which was certainly emotional. 
We researched breeds and breeders and are so thrilled that we discovered you and your pups.  
You have shared a beautiful JOY with us and we look forward to many years of fun and happiness ahead.  

We truly can’t thank you enough.
Donna and Chuck
(Mia & Prince F1 standard puppy 2020)


"We get so many laughs with her. She is one very loved dog. Bean hikes every day and loves it!"

(Mia & Prince F1 Puppy 2020)