each puppy as unique as a fingerprint!


Gracie gets a lot of compliments and “what a beautiful dog!”  Often mistaken for a Springer spaniel because of her freckles

Gracie is exactly eleven months now and weighs 52 pounds (18" tall) Probably her max height and weight. And runs like the wind!  
Loves people and ALL other dogs. We call her Velcro Dog because she has to sit on your feet or lean up against you.

I work with a local trainer to hone her obedience lessons and hopefully will be able to do some therapy work with her in schools and senior homes.

And she’s been fun to train. We had a doggie fun day with a small fun agility course. 
All the other dogs had to be lead through the course on their leash and some were lifted over the (small) jump bars.
 Gracie was the only one who went through it all with no leash - just lured and rewarded with treats. 
Only a couple of mistakes but the crowd loved her and she won first prize!!!!
That’s our girl!!!

She’s a perfect delight!

(Shabby & Macho puppy. F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2019) (unfurnished coat)

Just wanted you to know how much we love Luna.

We cannot thank you enough for her. She brings us so much joy! 

We weighed her today and she is 53 lbs.

She is such an amazing dog. She was so easy to train, and she is so loyal. 
She has such a personality and sometimes we think she thinks she is a human!
 She loves being outdoors & hiking.
 She also learned to swim and enjoy the lake this summer.

Thank you again,

(Chai & Prince F1 Puppy 2019)


Tache is sweet and clever and we absolutely adore her. 
Thank you for all the work you put in getting her ready to come home - the bedtime music was especially appreciated and very effective for her first weeks with us. 

Here are some updated photos of Tache, who is now pushing 30lbs. 
We ran into some other bernedoodle pups in Sun Peaks a few weekends ago and discovered they were also Canadian Bernedoodles from previous litters!
Thanks again,
Andrea and Neil

(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2019)


Bentley just turned a year old and we absolutely adore him. 
The first year with him was busy, but he has turned into the most loyal, spunky, and sweetest boy we could have ever asked for.
 He is the biggest goofball and makes us laugh every single day.  We seriously are so lucky that he is ours!
 We have Canadian Bernedoodles to thank for their time, care, and knowledge along the way.
From the first inquiry, to a year after our boy was born, they have always checked in. 
I love that they care about the pups/dogs even when they have gone to their forever homes."

(Mia & Prince F1 standard puppy 2019)


I wanted to give you an update in Aussie!
We LOVE him SO much and he is definitely our fourth child. He is currently 6 mths old. 
Great personality and up for anything! Great with people and dogs and oh so happy when he is with his people pack (us!)

We recently took him on a 10 camping trip to the Oregon coast. Tent camping and he did great!

We wanted to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs. 
I truly think it’s a reflection of their care in the first few months and their bonding and learning from their mother. I have given your email out to so many people!

I honestly could not imagine life without him :)

(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2019)


Lola's really enjoying going on walks, now that she's fully vaccinated! She's so smart and was house trained in a matter of a few weeks. 
She only had a handful of pees in the house and has never pooped inside! She loves her crate, and puts herself to bed every night. 
Her favourite thing to do is watch the kids walk to school from the front window and she barely barks!!! 
I mean we're biased... but she's just the best puppy She's always down for a car ride and loves meeting new people."

(Shabby & Macho F2 Teddy Bear Bernedoodle 2019)


Louis is GREAT... he has grown a bit cheeky over the last few weeks but we are telling ourselves it is the teenage years and will pass :)
He is still the most loving dog I have ever had... always wants to snuggle and be right next to someone, but has no anxiety about being left alone at home. 
He has not even chewed or destroyed one thing in our house!!
 We live near another one of your pups- named Why (i think he is around 10 months old?) and Louis and him seem to know they're from the same home :) 

We gave him our own quarantine hair cut as it was warming up and all groomers are closed. I have attached a few photos.
 He has not surprised us with growing too big and and we are so pleased as he is only about 45 lbs now.

All the best to you and your family,

(Clair & Giuseppe puppy 2019)

I just have to say Rico is soo smart. Every trick i just teach him half an hour and he just gets it. 
I am so glad to have him in my life. He is the smartest most loyal dog I have ever seen. 
He is also super calm when we go outside and super friendly. 
When I take him outside with my leash he always looks back at me every few second to make sure I am there. 
 He’s a big boy now! 22pounds! 
Love him so much 

Thank you!
(Chai & Prince puppy 2019)


Finnegan is a very sweet, loyal, fantastic family boy. Easy to have in our home, very calm inside. 
He keeps us laughing and smiling all the time. 
We are a family of four, two daughters 12 and 15. I work from home and he is such great company, follows my every move. 
Finnegan also has a dog brother Grizzly and they are best buddies =)
    He is 26” at the withers and just under 90lbs. 
Finnegan gets his hair cut often because we like him shaggy but don’t want him to get matted. He is walking so nice with a Haltie, no more pulling =)

Thank you Canadian Bernedoodles We Love our boy !
The Healy's
(Mia and Prince puppy 2019 @ 16 months old)